Yesterday, our Venture Café Foundation team gathered for a retreat. In recognition of the increasing tensions in our community and across the globe, we found it appropriate to reflect on and reaffirm publicly our mission, values, and beliefs.

Our mission is to broaden and support the innovation community through networks of spaces, conversations, and programs geared towards anyone with an idea. We believe anyone with an idea has the potential to be an innovator, and that innovation is present everywhere. Our vision is to create a network of empowered individuals and communities who feel confident in their ideas and have the resources to achieve their goals. 

We are committed to the goal of an inclusive, equitable, and accessible innovation community. The innovation ecosystem is at its healthiest and strongest when the barriers to participation are at a minimum. We believe that economic development and innovation are means to improving the human condition. Our programs are a platform for open dialogue and collaboration, which we believe are critical to fostering understanding and moving forward as a society.

We truly believe in the power of human connection, supportive communities, and strong relationships and we’re committed to supporting them in any way we can. These connections are fostered by the acceptance of differences in age, gender, race, economic background, sexuality, ability, education, and all other identities. Hate, bigotry, stereotyping, discrimination, and prejudice undermine the ties that strengthen our communities. Our spaces, conversations, and programs represent the ethos of our community: one of positive relationships and collaboration, a commitment to equitable access, and freedom from harassment, intimidation, and discrimination.

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We thank you for your support, and for helping us strengthen the innovation community.

The Venture Café Foundation team