Pitch Nights At The Roxbury Innovation Center

Pitch Night @ Roxbury Innovation Center


Our next Pitch Night will be on  Tuesday, May 21st from 5-8:30 pm, The Roxbury Innovation Center will host our first ‘Pitch Night’ of the year 2019 where entrepreneurs have the opportunity to pitch their businesses to the public and panel of experts. All of our Pitch Nights are free and open to the public with an ‘Open Mic’ like sign up system for entrepreneurs to freely pitch without having to sign up prior.

The event will feature advice and forward-looking ideas from successful entrepreneurs, those funding ventures, and it will be a wonderful opportunity to meet some of the rising stars in the Boston start-up ecosystem.

Our quarterly Pitch Nights are designed to emphasize innovation across communities, industries, foster collaboration, strengthen connections, and make great ideas come to life.

Our next Pitch Night will be held at The Roxbury Innovation Center, 2300 Washington Street, Boston, MA 02119. Check-in begins at 5 pm and the panel portion of the evening will start promptly at 6:00 pm.

Registration is required to reserve your entry!

*Interested in tabling / demoing your organization at Pitch Night? Submit an application

Can my organization partner with you for your next Pitch Night?

We are accepting demo/information tabling applications for our upcoming Pitch Night: May 21st.

Pitch Nights aren’t a typical networking event, so please think beyond the standard info table with brochure display and find on-theme engaging ways to make meaningful connections with attendees. Unique approaches tend to be the most engaging (think games, interactive demos, whatever you think will catch people’s eyes and make them want to connect!).

Are you up for the challenge? Feel free to fill out our application form below (or click this link).

Workshops + Courses + Panels

Housing the Workforce: Communal and Sustainable urban living

6:00-8:00 PM
Facilitated by Stephanie Viccari, Thoughtbot

As our cities become more populated, people are looking to compact urban living as a solution to both housing affordability and sustainability. How could compact unit buildings be smartly designed to accommodate not only basic functions of living, as well as to provide a heightened sense of  home and of community? Learn to code, design and create your own website!

Intro to Javascript

6:00-8:00 PM
Facilitated by Innovation Women

Speaking engagements, whether on a local panel or a keynote at a major industry conference, can pay off with huge dividends for you and your business.  When you have a chance to tell your story in front of potential customers, partners, or investors, you win!

Innovation Women connects event managers and speakers through an online database, but there are tips and tricks that Bobbie Carlton, the founder of Innovation Women (and Mass Innovation Nights), will share. Where do you find speaking engagements? How do event managers make their decisions on who speaks? What can you do to best support your speaking “career”? This workshop is appropriate for all levels of speakers – from those just starting out to those with more experience.

Bonus: attend this event and we’ll give away a profile on Innovation Women ($100 annual membership).


Bridging the Gap: Exploring Global Development and its Impact on Local Communities

Faciliated by BRIDGES

Bridging the Gap is an initiative of BRIDGES designed to bring communities together and identify progressive + innovative methods to addressing socio cultural inequality. Bridging the Gap works to harness the talents and expertise of the local community, instill global solidarity by sharing the diversity of culture at the local level, and promote inclusive spaces by identifying paramount themes for dialogue amongst community members.

REnewables for all in Boston

Facilitated by Alice Tilton and Mike Prokosch, Boston Climate Action Network

Cities across the country are cutting their carbon emissions and making renewable power available to all electric ratepayers through Community Choice Energy. We’ll look at CCE’s equity and economic impacts in Boston and discuss its potential for decentralizing and decarbonizing the grid.

Office Hours | 5:00-7:00PM

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Pitch Nights are free + open to the public but that we ask that you register in advance. All programming is first-come, first-serve.

What is are Pitch Nights?

Pitch Nights at The Roxbury Innovation Center, modeled off of the original Venture Café Thursdays in Kendall Square, are quarterly events for the entrepreneurship community. Pitch Nights are designed to emphasize innovation across industries, foster collaboration, strengthen connections, and make great ideas come to life. Pitch Nights are always free + open to the public.

Who can attend Café Night?

We believe that innovation is for everyone — whether you’re an entrepreneur, an artist, a scientist, or a student. Our mission is to help those people succeed by fostering spaces, connections, and conversations to bring their ideas to life so please join us!

Never been to a Roxbury innovation Center Pitch Night?

Each Pitch Night looks a little bit different. In the past, Café Nights have featured a combination of workshops, panels, office hours, interactive exhibits and open networking. We have slightly changed to where host local organizations, businesses, and government to bring you resources, conversations, knowledge, and a bit of social fun to help you grow as an innovator, entrepreneur, or an innovation aficionado.

Come mix, mingle, explore, and learn from members of Boston’s diverse innovation ecosystem and get a chance to walk away with insight as well as a prize.

All Pitch Night programming is free + open to the public.


Panels, speakers, and presentations to get you thinking about new concepts, reflecting on big ideas, and widening your mind.


Innovative workshops designed to teach hands-on skills, explore new methods of thinking, and connect with those around you.


Showcases of local products and organizations who are breaking boundaries, solving problems, and doing really cool stuff.


Grown-up play time. We believe that creativity is at the center of innovation and should be celebrated (and encouraged).

Office Hours

Connect with expert mentors in your field for free advice on your next idea, venture, or just to hear their story.


We believe in serendipitous collisions, good talks, and good drinks. Creating meaningful connections is key to our mission.