Unique Spaces

Whether you have a few people in town for a meeting or want to host a large, there is a space here that will work for you.


Our Fab Lab is open to the public to both the youth and to adults. Perfect space to prototype and learn!


Our space allows you to stay creative while getting the job done — and it’s also designed so that you can make it your own. Our IdeaPaint walls and moveable furniture are designed so that the space can reflect every event’s unique identity.

Rooted in Community

The Roxbury Innovation Center is a place where the community can come together to do their best work — and change the world. Hosting an event at the Roxbury Innovation Center reinvests in the innovation community and supports our programming. Learn more about how hosting an event at District Hall helps us deepen our impact.

Located in the Beautiful Bruce C. Bolling Municipal Building



Roxbury Innovation Center offers versatile event spaces along with a free and open to the public Fab Lab designed to inspire creativity, foster collaboration, and make great ideas come to life.

Coming soon! A Co-working Space

As part of our mission, we will soon be operating a co-working space open to resident entrepreneurs on weekdays. Equipped with free WiFi, writeable walls, integrated power worktables, and snacks, it’s the perfect place to plug in, get work done, or reach your goals.


If you are looking to create or prototype, head over to our equipment booking system to book instantly! Please note that you will be contacted to confirm the piece of equipment is ready for you. A small fee is applied and will be sent as a quote if the Roxbury Innovation Center provides material on any machine.

Host Your Special Event At The Roxbury Innovation Center

From conferences and hackathons to networking events, we're all about creativity, innovation, and making your vision come to life.
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Point Blank.

Minus the flowery language and pretty pictures: here’s what you can expect from our space.

Free Wifi

Our space is equipped with high-speed wireless internet, so you and your guests can stay connected at all times.

Integrated Power

With floor outlets throughout movable power, you’ll always be able to plug in.

Writeable Walls

Our walls are painted with IdeaPaint, an innovative paint that transforms walls into dry-erase surfaces. No need to bring your own markers – we’ve got you covered!


Audio and visual

Each meeting space is equipped with a projector, Bose sound system, and microphones.

Flexible space

All of our furniture is moveable and the layout of the space fosters collaboration, connection, and conversation.

On-Site Catering

Dudley CaféHaley House or Ethnica Catering provides high-quality catering for all of our events. Trust us, the food is DELICIOUS!


Our spaces are designed to inspire creativity, collaboration, and great ideas. Learn more below!

Learn Lab

Our Learn Lab is a mid-size event space, great for classes and workshops, but can also support panels, receptions, off-sites and other creative event types. With flexible tables, plenty of power and writeable Ideapaint walls everywhere, this space is designed for creativity, learning, and collaborative work. Click through the pictures below to see setup options!


  • Boardroom style: 15-20
  • Classroom syle: 25
  • Theater style: 40


Included: WiFi, IdeaPaint walls, Ceiling-mounted projector, HDMI/VGA/audio inputs, Bose sound system



* Special pricing for BPS staff.


Take a Virtual Tour of the Learn lab

Think Space

The Think Space is a large event space with a lot of flexibility. It’s a great space to host a lecture or panel discussion, but can also be transformed for an evening networking reception, technology training, or an all-day brainstorming session with multiple breakout groups. Flexible furniture and writeable Ideapaint walls everywhere make this a great space for working out new ideas!


  • Boardroom style: 30 – 50
  • Classroom syle: 30 -50
  • Theater style: 50-77


Included: WiFi, IdeaPaint walls, Ceiling-mounted projector, HDMI/VGA/audio inputs, Bose sound system




Take a Virtual Tour of the Think Space


During weekdays, our Meeting Room operates as a private meeting space.


4 – 8


Included: WiFi, IdeaPaint walls, Projector, Bose sound speaker, and movable outlets.



*FREE to office hours holders and attendees. Special Pricing to BPS Staff.



Take a Virtual Tour of the Meeting Room


During weekdays, ourFab Lab operates as free, public workspace. In the evenings and on weekends, it is available to book based on the availability of our Fab Lab Ambassadors.


8 – 10


Included: WiFi, IdeaPaint walls, Projector, Bose sound system, movable outlets, tablets, laptops, dimmable high-bays, snacks, a talented Fab Lab Artist in Residence and our Fab Lab Ambassadors who are there to help!



* We charge a fee if we provide material.


Take a Virtual Tour of the Fab Lab

All of Roxbury Innovation Center

For large scale events, many different setup configurations are available, and the building can transition easily from one kind of use during the day to another at night (i.e. daytime conference into a nighttime reception). For events of this scale, the Roxbury Innovation Center staff will work with you to find the right configuration for your needs.


Full Building: 140


Included:  WiFi, IdeaPaint walls, Projector, Bose sound system, Wall-mounted touch screen monitors, floor and movable outlets, all building furniture.


Varies. Please contact us for more info.


Take a Virtual Tour of the entire space!

Host Your Special Event At The Roxbury Innovation Center

From conferences and hackathons to larger events, we're all about creativity, innovation, and making your vision come to life.

Food + Beverage

The Roxbury Innovation Center consistently partners with the Dudley Café, Haley House, or Ethnica Catering

for events depending on size.

Haley House

Haley House, an offsite restaurant, serves authentic, fresh and delicious cuisine that accommodates all palates. Learn more.

Dudley Café

Dudley Cafè offers a wide selection of delicious breakfast to lunch catering options and can accommodate a wide variety of events. Click here to see a sample catering menu.

Ethnica Catering

Ethinica offers a range of incredible dishes and beverages. You can’t go wrong! Give them a call and ask for catering menu options. Learn more.


Maximum Capacity*
Hourly Rate*
Meeting Room 6-8 $50 / Free for Office Hours
Fab Lab 6-8 Free with fees for provided material
Learn Lab 30-40 $100
Think Space 60-77 $200
All of RIC*  140  Varies

Capacities may vary depending on setup. 

All hourly rates are subject to an additional setup and breakdown fee. Additional fees may apply. Please note that a full buyout of The Roxbury Innovation Center does not include Catering. Please contact the catering businesses for more information about catering options in our space.

Site Fee Discounts

Discounts are considered on a case-by-case basis, based upon the following criteria. Events do not need to meet all the criteria to be considered for a discount. Please note that we always start by sending clients a full quote. If you would like to be considered for a discount, please follow up with your event manager after you receive an initial quote.

  • Event mission: Events and gatherings that help make connections, grow new ideas and build an inclusive and supportive innovation community.
  • Organization type: We like to support community and innovation focused organizations (non-profits, startups, etc.)
  • Free for attendees: Events that do not charge attendees for access
  • Public: Events that are open to the public at large and can be listed on The Roxbury innovation Center’s public calendar

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