Fab Lab

We believe that innovation shouldn’t just happen behind closed doors. 

Fab Lab Roxbury of the Roxbury Innovation Center (RIC) is part of the international Fab Lab network of about 1,000 Fab Labs, all of which are aligned with our mission;

Foster innovation in order to help create new ideas, community startups as well as bring existing businesses into the next Industrial Revolution…the Maker Revolution.

The Fab Lab Roxbury nurtures STEAM education in collaboration with local non-profits and community organizations, K-12 schools, as well as higher education institutions. Our location at Roxbury Innovation Center allows our space to provide non-traditional, hands-on education and 21st Century skill development training on site. 

The FAB LAB is available:

by appointment only with a Fab Lab Ambassador

through STEAM programs offered at Roxbury Innovation Center

Free Wifi

Our spaces are equipped with high-speed wireless, so you can stream Netflix AND get your work done at the same time.


Integrated Power Tables

No more fighting over the single wall outlet. We have integrated power so you never have to pause from your work to recharge.

Writeable Walls

Our walls are painted with IdeaPaint, an innovative paint that transforms walls into dry-erase surfaces. Brainstorm away — but no permanent markers, please!

Dudley Café

If you can get work done without caffeine, you’re superhuman. For the rest of us, Dudley Café serves coffee, breakfast, and lunch for all of your fueling needs.

Meet our awesome Ambassadors!

Fab Lab Ambassadors are folks who volunteer their time to work in the Fab Lab and be present to work with the public if needed. 



Fab Lab Ambassador



Fab Lab Ambassador

What people are saying: 

“Many early-stage Startups struggle with a dilemma: they cannot get funding without demonstrating a prototype and they cannot get a prototype without funding. Your program helps break this Gordian knot.”

Yuriy T.

CTO, Ftorion, Inc

“Fab Lab Roxbury is at the heart of the new innovation economy in Roxbury and it’s exciting to be located in the same building as the Boston Public School headquarters. We envision deep and powerful collaborations in the near future.”

Sherry Lassiter

Director, Fab Foundation

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Free with your own material. We send a quote and charge if we are providing material.

That's not all we do.

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