Meet Jamillat Doumbia

Personal Bio

My name is Jamillat Doumbia, I am a photographer, videographer and creative director from Boston, MA. My interest in photography started in the 8th grade, and throughout High school, my interest grew into love. Love grew into practice, and the more I practiced, I soon found it to be my Passion. Videography and Creative Directing came later on. Growing up, I would always hear negative stereotypes and slanders about black men and would get so mad because I thought of them as way more and seen them as way more than what they were made out to be. Although I use my photography to capture the beauty of my people as a whole, one of my main focuses is to show the beauty in my Black Men. They are a breed that people are slowly thinking we no longer need. Through my art, I want to show them and the majority that Black Men are still relevant.