Roxbury Innovation Center is a landmark project for the city of Boston.

This project supports local economic development by encouraging innovation and entrepreneurship.

What is Roxbury Innovation Center?

Roxbury Innovation Center (RIC) was created through a public-private partnership with the City of Boston and Venture Café Foundation, our mission is to support local economic development, in Roxbury, by empowering and guiding innovation and entrepreneurship, as viable career options. Since opening in late 2015, RIC has provided a diverse variety of resources for small business owners of all stages and industries, through instructional workshops and courses, networking events, and office hour mentorship.

Centrally located in the heart of Boston, Roxbury Innovation Center shares the historic Bruce C. Bolling Building with Boston Public Schools’ central offices and several retailers. Roxbury Innovation Center partners with food retailers in Dudley Square in order to provide catering services for scheduled events and meetings. A noteworthy provider is Dudley Dough, an initiative of Haley House’s economic inclusion program.

Roxbury Innovation Center is able to provide low to no cost programming due to the generous support of our Founding Sponsors: the City of Boston, CIC, Microsoft, and the Boston Foundation; our Silver Sponsors the Timothy Smith Network, Fab Foundation, Verizon Foundation, MassTech Collaborative, and Haworth. 

The Team

Kevin Wiant

Kevin is Executive Director of Venture Café Foundation Boston.  Previously, Kevin has been on the management teams of several early-stage companies in the mobile, telecommunications, web, software and semiconductor industries, including Comverse, Boston Technology, AirWide, Technology Concepts, Telelogic, Wolfdata and Mostek.  His executive roles have been in business development, sales, marketing, product management and corporate development.  Kevin has extensive international expertise, having taken over 170 trips to over 30 countries.  He also serves on the Boards of the MIT Enterprise Forum and Mobile Monday Boston.

Lanita McCormick

Lanita is the Director of our Roxbury Innovation Center.  Lanita is a proud Roxbury native who has had the opportunity to expand upon her beginnings. Her background spans from the private sector to the not-for-profit arena. In Lanita’s corporate experience her work has been in marketing and sales for companies such as ABC Television and PepsiCo. Her not-for-profit work has been around program design, implementation and community engagement. With a true passion for people, she believes that by giving individuals the tools they need you are laying the groundwork for that individual to be able to forge forward. Lanita has a love of all things cooking, traveling and a burgeoning interest in designing spaces.

Herb Lozano

Herb is our Marketing and Events Manager.

Herb Lozano, 28, is a native and long time resident of Boston, MA. Herb attended Cathedral High school where he excelled as a student and athlete, winning 2 State Championships on the varsity boys basketball team. he later continued his education studying Mass Communication/Broadcast & Journalism at Norfolk State University in Norfolk, VA. Upon his return to Boston, Herb began his career in the broadcasting field as a Host and Producer of WRBB, WZBR and online radio show called PLAY Radio. Most recently Herb Lozano is the Events and Marketing Manager at the Roxbury Innovation Center, where he organizes events and promotes programs for youth and adults on entrepreneurship and startup businesses.

Phernegize ‘Gia’ Manigat

Gia was born in Haiti, later came to Boston at 9 years old and has always had a passion for creating and helping others create. As the STEM Programs Manager, she builds experiences for Boston and particularly the community of Roxbury where she encourages all folks of all ages to become innovators in their own way. Having obtained a Bachelors in Industrial Design and Sculpture from Massachusetts College of Art and Design, she comes from a background of an artist, a designer, and an overall maker. Besides 3D printing or laser cutting, you can find Gia painting, buying tickets to concerts, constantly traveling or enjoying diversity events in her community.

Meet our Interns!

Jameson Francios

Jameson is a previous Intern and is now a Part-timer with us.

Khalif Muhammad

Khalif is our new Intern from the Roxbury Community.

Khalif was born on November 10th, 2003 at the Newton Wellesley hospital and has been homeschooled his entire life, however, he was recently accepted into the Waldorf High School of Massachusetts Bay, and coming this September he shall be attending his very first semester as a high school Freshman. Provided with the proper environment Khalif can be a very focused and efficient set of hands. For as long as he can remember Khalif has been playing all kinds of video games, and during this time he’s developed a love and appreciation for 3D modeling and character creation, and someday he hopes to make a career out of his passion.

Rashawn Holder

Rashawn is our new Intern from Boston Green Academy.

Hello, my name is Rashawn Holder and I’m currently a high school senior at Boston Green Academy. I am a self-taught artist and I’ve been drawing for 12 years. Hopefully, in the fall, I will be attending Lesley University for a Bachelors degree in Animation and Motion Media. I’ve lived in Boston all my life and I love the people in it. In my free time, I like to play video games and go to the Yawkey Boys and Girls Club in Roxbury.

Brandon Evans

Brandon is our new Intern from Boston Green Academy.

Meet our 8th Grade Apprentices!

Adriana Hardmon & Stephanie Baez 


My name is Adriana and I am 14 years young. I live in Jamaica Plain in a 3 bedroom apartment with my mom and my sister. I have both a cat and a dog. My cat’s name is Juju and my dog’s name is Pablo. I am both black and Puerto Rican. I have a very strong love for music, like when I’m happy, mad, sad etc. I’m either singing or playing music. I’m a pretty outgoing and funny person. I’m kinda loud but I’m working on being quieter. I’m a very trustworthy and dependable person according to the people I call my friends. My favorite tv show is RICK AND MORTY!!!! #picklerick, some other shows I like are how I met your mother and SpongeBob even though I’m old. Some things I enjoy to do in my free time is sleep, catch up on tv, chill with friends, listen to music. I also enjoy writing poetry and participate in the spoken word club at my school. Some of my favorite artists are Bruno Mars, Sam Smith, Ed Sheeran, A boogie, and 6ix9ine. I’m going to


My name is Stephanie I am 15 years old. I have lived in Boston for my whole life and I speak Spanish and English. I am Dominican. Both my parents were born in the Dominican Republic. I have 3 sisters and one brother. Some things I like to do in my free time is bake, watch Netflix and listen to music on my phone. I like to listen to music in Spanish and English. I am currently in 8th grade and I am going to high school soon. I also like to watch tv shows like The Good Doctor, Grey’s Anatomy, and Once Upon A Time. I am looking forward to the next few weeks because I am excited to learn new things and be able to work with different people that can help me explore new career paths. I have no idea what I am interested in yet so it will be good for me to learn more about technology and engineering. It is also good experience for me because I want to get a summer job and It will be good for me to practice having a apprenticeship here since I never had one before. It will also help me become more independent as a person. I am very excited for this apprenticeship and I can’t wait to work with you.



Innovation is always a collaborative process, and we are grateful to our sponsors and partners for their creativity, generosity and support.